gull bay first nation kisahke zaaging anishinaabek OPG minor trust


Please contact us prior to your birthday so that we can coordinate the transfer of funds from the bank and cheque preparation with the accounting firm.  

The Gull Bay First Nation OPG Settlement Trust was set up in November of 2014. In January of 2016 the funds were officially transferred to the trustees.

The Trustees are Etienne Esquega and Aldo Ruberto.

We are responsible for disbursing funds to minor members who turn 18. Each minor member who we hold trust funds for are noted in Schedule "A" to the trust. We have been directed by the trust document to only disburse funds to those who are listed in Schedule "A".

Payments will be made out of the trust once per month on a date set by us. Please contact us to find out the next date we will be disbursing funds by emailing to ee(at)esquegalaw(dot)com

Before we can disburse your funds you need to request your funds from us with the following forms and steps:

1. Prepare and execute the Requisition Form

2. Copy two valid pieces of government issued photo identification

3. Executed a Release Form 

4. Email a copy of the above to: ee(at)esquegalaw(dot)com